FAQs – frequently asked questions

Who can enter the competition?

The contest is exclusively for children ages 6 to 10. If your place of residence is in the USA or Canada, please refer to the following terms and conditions of entry and privacy policy. Excluded from the contest are participants residing in Italy or Hong Kong.

What happens to my child’s data?

Don’t worry, the data is not stored for a long time or passed on to third parties. It is only stored for the purposes and duration of the competition. Certain details are published on the competition website during the public vote (not the surname or e-mail address) and then the data is deleted.

Which details are published on the competition website?

Only the first name, age, and city where you live will be published, and, of course, the entry itself in the form of a video or audio recording (photo optional). The surname and any e-mail addresses provided will not be published.

What happens if my child wins the competition?

The winner will be informed in writing by Lufthansa. The date and route of the winner’s flight will then be determined together. The flight will be filmed by a Lufthansa camera team.

Can my child still enter without their own e-mail address?

Yes, all the important information and links will also be sent to the e-mail address that the parents must provide anyway. As such, your child can also enter the competition without their own e-mail address.

What has to be included in the e-mail that I send with the recording?

The e-mail that opens has already been filled out and cannot be changed. This is the only way in which it can be assigned to your child.

We have several children who want to enter the competition – is this possible?

Yes, as long as the names are different when registering, several children are able to enter with just one e-mail address belonging to the parents.

How do I confirm my child’s entry?

When registering, your child will be asked to enter your e-mail address. Your child will only be able to enter the competition after you have provided confirmation via the link in the e-mail.

Can I withdraw from entering the competition?

Yes, you can withdraw from the competition even after submitting the onboard announcement in the form of a video or audio recording by sending an e-mail to info@lh-kidsonboard.com before February 5, 2016, stating your name and the e-mail address you provided at the time of registration. Your child’s data and the video or audio file will be immediately deleted.

Can I change the recording afterwards?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You do not have to upload the data as soon as you have registered. The link that you subsequently receive by e-mail is valid until February 5, so take your time when recording the announcement. If you no longer wish to enter the competition, despite having already submitted your entry, you can withdraw by sending an e-mail to info@lh-kidsonboard.com.

Are video and audio recordings treated equally by the jury?

Yes, the jury is interested in the onboard announcement itself, so those who submit a video do not automatically stand a better chance.

How do I submit the video/audio recording?

If you are using a PC or Mac to enter, you can upload files up to 50 MB in size.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you will be asked to send the data (max. 50 MB) by e-mail. The information filled out in the e-mail in advance cannot be altered or deleted, because it is needed to assign the submitted recording to the right individual.

My video file is too big – how can I reduce its size?

Use a smartphone or similar to make the recording and remember to set the video recording quality to a low level. If the size of your file still exceeds 50 MB, there are free programs, such as MPEG Streamclip (www.squared5.com), which you can install on your PC or Mac. As this is third-party software, we assume no liability and can give no guarantee.

Who will judge the submitted video and audio recordings?

The Lufthansa jury – made up of pilots, cabin crew, speech trainers from Lufthansa Flight Training, and marketing and communication staff – will make a preliminary selection, which will then be published on the competition website from February 12, 2016 for the voting process.

How do I find out whether my child’s entry has made the preliminary selection?

As soon as the status of the entry changes, information about the change will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided.

You have another question? Send us an e-mail: faq@lh-kidsonboard.com