The winner has been chosen!

Namasté! Yashas welcomes guests aboard

9-year-old Yashas Dassani, winner of Lufthansa's worldwide 'Your Announcement' contest, had a delightful surprise waiting for him at Frankfurt airport. Later he created history on board LH756 from Frankfurt to Mumbai by making the first live ‘announcement by a kid’. Listen to his charming announcement!

In January 2016, Lufthansa launched a first-of-its-kind global kids contest for the best onboard announcement. The winner would win a flight to any destination in Europe accompanied by two adults with the first ever inflight announcement by a kid.
Fantastic entries were received by children from over 9 countries. The top 15 were put out for public polling – 8-year-old Yashas from Mumbai got the maximum votes.

In what is sure to be a big surprise, a team has made its way to Mumbai to tell Yashas the brilliant news:

Watch the winners onboard announcement.

Yashas, 8, from Mumbai, India

Here are the best 14 of the other entries we received. Every child can look forward to receiving a Lufthansa surprise package:

Marie, 8
Marie, 8, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Deutschland
Nia, 10
Nia, 10, OAKVILLE, Canada
Penelope, 7
Penelope, 7, Frankfurt, Deutschland
Paul, 9
Paul, 9, Hamburg, Deutschland
Luca, 11
Luca, 11, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Marcos, 11
Marcos, 11, Buenos Aires, Argentinien
sashreeka, 9
sashreeka, 9, new delhi, india
Devin, 11
Devin, 11, Weiterstadt, Deutschland
Raffael, 8
Raffael, 8, Tulln, Österreich
Pia-Marie, 10
Pia-Marie, 10, Ritterhude, Deutschland
Charlie, 9
Charlie, 9, Old Greenwich, United States
Hana Luca, 9
Hana Luca, 9, Neuruppin, Deutschland
Paula, 11
Paula, 11, Bischofswerda, Deutschland
Antony, 11
Antony, 11, Hamburg, Deutschland